Days of Delusions


Not sure how often I should update this thing. Sometimes it takes a while to come up with ideas for you nonexistent people to read, and things are always changing. Plus, I try to make something reminiscent of a life, meaning I can’t always be on my iPad. You see, if I have a life, I have something else to talk to my iPad about instead of things I hate about humanity. So maybe once every few days…depending on what’s happening of course.

Like my days can be pretty random. There are days where I stay firmly planted in Reality, and others where I am hallucinating all over the place.

Speaking of hallucinations….

Daniel is in a bad mood. Last night, I was playing May I with my family- which currently consists of my mother, father, my alleged brother who shalt be known by the name Tigger, and my Oma and Opa, who have come to stay for two weeks. More on them later. But anyway, we were in the middle of the third round (two runs, for any imaginary reader who knows the game), when all of a sudden, I heard swear words. A loooooong succession of them. It didn’t stop for the whole game, and as soon as it was over, (I came last, again) I stormed into my room to find Daniel snoring on my bed.

What would you do in this situation imaginary reader?

Obviously you’ve probably never had hallucinations- actually, if you have, message me! We can be delusion buddies! <3- but imagine that some asshole had charged into your house and made a huge noise, and that you had to make excuses to the people around you; "Oh, it’s just the, er, cat/dog/dinosaur,” you say to them, while secretly cursing their very existence. Aaaand then later, you find them fast asleep on your bed, blissfully unaware of their extremely pissed off friend/acquaintance/hallucinator.

^is that even a word? Hallucinator? If it is, is it a verb? Probably not. :p

So what would be the best revenge?

Without a second thought, I yanked my doona out from under him. The pile of clothes on my bed fell over my floor, and later I would be yelled at by my mother, but I was too busy radiating in the warm glow of Daniel’s resulting foul mood to notice.

After he had calmed down, he told me what was wrong. I didn’t understand it all, but I understood enough to understand why he would be angry. Lets just say that when your dear friend is in hospital, you would tend to be angry at the one(s) responsible.

Anyway, more on that for another emotionally unstable time. My grandparents are here from Adelaide, which is great. Only thing is, I don’t know what to talk to them about, because I see them so little- I usually only see them once a year at Christmas, where I have to talk to all my cousins. *Shudder*

But the awesome thing about them being here is that there is less yelling and screaming around the house. My mother you see, wants to show to her parents-in-law the perfect family; which is just as real as my fan base, (I’m sorry imaginary reader, it’s true. You only exist in my head, sorry to break it to you this way). So we all must keep up the appearance of a loving, wonderful family environment. Which means a lot less yelling, which means a lot less time spent in Delirium for me. It’s only a theory at this point though; there’s every chance my hallucinations could be just as bad even without the yelling. But it’s a plausible theory, and for the next two weeks, I can test it out. This may be the cause of everything that’s been happening, and I’m hoping something will come out of it.

Now…what was I doing before I was writing?

Oh! Maths class!

That’s right, I’m supposed to be a responsible student. One who would NEVER pass up a chance to do quadratic equations.

I’ve got modelling this afternoon, maybe that’s what my next post will be about. What do you imaginary readers think? Leave your imaginary comments down below, you know the drill.

Cat Madigan.

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