Fashion and Zombies


I feel like I’ve been far too miserable lately. Which is stupid of me, for I have enough things to be happy for. I have friends who for some reason put up with me. My hallucinations have not been painful as of late. I’m still alive.

Oh, and I have followers apparently! Actual followers!

*excited screaming*

Of course, I don’t know how many of you actually read the shit I write, so for the meantime, I’ll stick with the imaginary fan jokes.

In other news, I now have a fitting. It’s for a Central TAFE, who are looking for models for a fashion parade. Right now, I’m waiting for things to start, so I’m sitting in their fashion department, playing one of my favourite thinking games: How long would you survive in this room during the zombie apocalypse?, Which I’ll just shorten to The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Game. Actually, lets play it now! C’mon imaginary reader, the rules are simple! All you have to do is look around the room, and try to figure out what you could use for weapons, hiding places, food, all the necessities one would need when zombies rule the world. So lets start!

Okay, time to use my imagination.

This looks enough like a human to confuse a zombie, right?

Anyways, I don’t know much about zombies (though when you think about it, noone really knows what a zombie’ll do. Do they even exist yet? Actual zombies, not just members of the iGeneration?) but if I were something essentially brain dead, I’d go for that. Yeah, I’d be a pretty stupid zombie. :p so the idea is that when they go for the mannequins, I attack. With….

Sewing machines?



…no chance of a gun or a sword hiding on this campus is there?

On the other hand, what’s the chance of there being so many zombies here anyway? Plus it’s a TAFE, so there’d be plenty of places to hide, and rooms to go. Plus there’s a pretty nifty chandelier thingy which I could dangle on, assuming I’m not too heavy. Then all I’d need to do is obtain some sort of weapon I can use from a long distance, and no zombie could catch me.

But that would mean I had acquired some sort of weapon. Which probably doesn’t live around the Central TAFE.

Ok, I think my designer’s ready, so I’ll wrap up my game here. Overall, the Fashion and Design Sector of the TAFE has plenty of places to hide from zombies, but not enough weapons in case of an emergency. I could always attempt to make one, but I’m not the most talented engineer out of my friends. Besides, what are the chances I’d be there in the apocalypse? It’s not like I study there or anything, I’m just here for the fitting.

So overall, I say I’d probably survive for about maybe 7 days tops, before the zombies get to the TAFE, and I’m forced to dangle from a chandelier, which is slowly starting to break…

Ok, I’ll finish this post after. Time to try on some stuff! :D


It’s dark now. 6:30pm in one of the most infamous nighttime playgrounds. It’s surprisingly unnerving.

Fitting was quite fun, I’m going to wear three outfits at the show they’re holding. If only I could keep some of the creations, they’re so cool! :D

I never realised how different the city was at night to during the day. All the shops are closed, so the only people are people in the bars, slowly becoming more and more intoxicated.

It’s a frightening thought, that I would black out here, all alone. It’s not just the possibility of getting attacked by some random, it’s the whole look of this place. See for yourself.

Also, before some imaginary asshole points it out, yes, there’s an actual person in the photo, so I’m not entirely alone. But the chance of him knowing I exist is probably extremely small.

But the atmosphere is one step from scary for me. I suppose that others would probably be like, “What you on about Cat Madigan? This shit ain’t scary!” (By the way, I have no idea why I just started talking ghetto, but to all you imaginary ghetto people, I don’t mean to be offensive, please don’t kill me.) But like I have said before, I am a crazy bitch. So a poster falling from my wall could be a sign of someone from Delirium coming to attack me, the door slamming shut from a gust of wind could be a monster, roaming the grounds on which I walk, and a (almost) deserted city can be lurking with all sorts of things, mostly imaginary, but it scares me nonetheless.

I may need to defend myself, so for now, my typing stops.

Managed to survive said deserted city; didn’t help that I had to take the bus home, with all the hobos. I need to learn how to drive…

I’ll wrap up this post here, but as our Internet is stuffed, it won’t be posted till tomorrow afternoon.

Question of the Day: Imagine you were in your house/apartment/underwater kingdom during the zombie apocalypse. How long would you survive? What sort of stuff could you use for protection, weapons, food, etc. and before those imaginary mermaids reading this say anything, yes, zombies can go underwater, they’re dead, they don’t need air!

Time for another round of May I. See you later.

Cat Madigan.

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