Your Crazy Aunt Cat -_-


Come around imaginary boys and girls, Auntie Cat Madigan is going to tell you a short horror story!

Four words: I have no Internet.


Well, that’s not necessarily true. I can access the Internet in the city, plus I can get Internet from the home computer, but my Internet has been switched off from my iPad. Meaning if I want to use Internet at home, I need to use the home computer, and be seen by my family, and interact with them…. (This horror story keeps getting better and better.)

You see, teenagers have what I like to call an “authority allergy”, (I’m just so awesome at coming up with names. I guess that when we become teenagers, we feel as if we’ve come so much further than when we were as little kids- in some ways that is. Mentally, I’m still at the stage of an eight year old, (YAY POKEMON!! <3) and I think my boobs are still at that stage too.

But as a teenager, I look back on my eight year old self and think, "Was I seriously that stupid?" Maybe in about ten years, I'll look back on how I am now and think the same thing. Of course, I'm assuming I'll live that long. Oh well.

Anyway, so we compare ourselves to our child selfs, and think that we're at the same stage as an adult, so we should be allowed the same independence. So therefore, we hate it when our parents baby us, we scream at them when they won't let us out, and we do crazy shit to rebel. No wonder my parents hate me.

Speaking of crazy shit, I just spray painted my hair gold. Thank Christ it's washout, but I'm going to have to see my friends with this. I'm gonna get laughed at…-_-

So, I have no idea how often I'll be able to post for the next few weeks, hopefully about once a week at least. Should be lots of fun….not.

Question of the day, what's the weirdest shit you've ever done? Unfortunately, spray painting my hair gold is not the weirdest thing I've done, but once again, it'll wash out in the morning.

Off to see my friends, I'm going to hide under my hood like an assassin for the rest of today.

Geddit? Because I’m a cat, and I look like an assassin, cos I’m wearing a hood…okay, I’ll shut up.

Love, Blonde Cat.

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