My first rant


So I was scrolling through my newsfeed on a visit to my favourite Internet cafe, when I came across a Weekly Writing Challenge. One about one of my most favourite people to hate, Miley Cyrus. So here goes.

Now, I had always been vaguely aware that she was going to go off the deep end, look at other child stars, Lindsey, Amanda. But my suspicions were finally confirmed when I was volunteering at The Centre for Cerebral Palsy’s Kids Respite Centre. Her music video was playing on TV, in front of frigging 6 year olds, and I’m sure you know which one I’m speaking of.

You know a song is crap when there are even parodies that are better than it. My favourites are probably the Shane Dawson ones (one with him directing, the other him acting) but I also enjoyed the Cosplay one. Is it weird that I got jealous when ‘Miley’ was trying to get it with the Doctor? :p

Anywaaaaay, the point of this was to actually express an opinion. Not that anyone will read said opinion, but yeah. :p

The only shimmer of good out of what she is doing now, is that she’s being her own person, she’s showing the world that she doesn’t want to stay the innocent sweet girl on Disney. And that’s where the positives end. From what we can see now, her ‘own person’ is someone who wears tight, skanky clothes, who’s dancing is a total turn off to half of her fanbase. And the other half are probably copying her. Dance moves, drug use, clothes, depends on how screwed up and fangirly they are.

The thing is, Miley probably fails to understand, or completely ignores, the fact that the majority of her fans are little girls who watched Hannah Montana. So they’ll keep watching her videos, if they haven’t been turned off by We Can’t Stop yet. And what things will they take from it? That Molly is good? (I did a double take when I heard that lyric, but it wasn’t until later that I knew it was definitely a drug reference.) Oh, what about her clothes? Am I going to be able to walk down the street in a few years without running into naked girls, or at least girls who look like they’re naked?

Essentially, this generation, the iGeneration, is messed up as it is, and I think Miley Cyrus is throwing petrol on the fire.

What does her fiancé think about this by the way? Are they still together?

Anyway, it is time for you, imaginary fanbase that simply loves to argue, what do you think? Leave your comments below, and I’ll look at them again when I have access to wifi again, which shouldn’t be too long.

By the way, I had my social yesterday and another post I wanted to post about, but it’ll have to wait for another time.

Till next time…
Love Cat Madigan.

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