I think Hollywood exaggerates how people wake up from a nightmare.

Rather than screaming and alerting everyone in the neighbourhood to the fact that you had a bad dream, I think the most that happens is you jump in your sleep, just when the psychopath raises his blade, or you stumble off the rocky cliff. Then after that, you have a mini freak out because it was so vivid, and you’re trying to become readjusted to reality. But not the whole screaming thing, not unless the pain keeps going.

Is it bad luck to have a nightmare on my birthday by the way?

Yes, non existent reader, Cat Madigan’s birthday has come upon us. And I’m not certain how to feel about it. You see, I am now officially at that age that I am allowed to do all the shit that now even 13 year olds are doing. It’s meant to be a milestone, but for some reason, it doesn’t feel that way for me.

And for the record, no, I have not started doing said stuff yet. I am not so fucked up that I’m doing that yet.

So, Cat Madigan, what super exciting stuff did you do for your birthday?

Stuff all.

Well, that’s not entirely correct. We’re having cake tonight, now that my father’s home. And next week, I’m having my birthday party in the most ladylike sport ever. What’s that? It is not considered ladylike to scream “DIE BASTARD DIE!” while shooting lasers at them? Oh.

But yeah, I haven’t been doing much thus far. It’s been a pretty ordinary weekend. But because there hasn’t been very much celebrating, I’ve had time to think, (gasp! Not thinking!) and as it always does, my mind started to wonder about the world. More specifically, why do we celebrate birthdays?

It makes you think: why do we celebrate the fact that we’re another year older? That we’re another step closer to death?

Perhaps it’s to congratulate the fact that we’ve managed to stay alive for another year. Which for me, is definitely an accomplishment. Between fights and near death experiences (well, at least near death delusional experiences), I’m really surprised that I’m still here. So I’m quite proud of myself for lasting this long. A year’s a long time when you think about it.

Of course, behind every nice thing, there’s another, darker side to it. Well, this isn’t necessarily dark. But not only are birthdays a celebration of life, but they’re also a wonderful way for companies to make money. You hear it all the time, marketers urging you to buy this for your child’s birthday, or those bright posters announcing the new insert product here, that make you think of your friend’s upcoming 21st. Be honest now; how many of you automatically think of presents when someone mentions birthdays? Yeah…me too. :p

But it’s not just birthdays; our world is increasingly materialistic, we’ve become very selfish human beans. We have reached that place where all of our essential needs are met, and because we don’t actually need anything else, we start focusing on how we can keep ourselves entertained. And there are a LOT of ways to entertain a human bean; we’re like cats, we get distracted easily.

The problem with surrounding ourselves with material goods, is that we’re able to distract ourselves with a snap of our fingers. And being distracted 24/7 means you have very little room for thinking. Though for some reason I always find a way. :p Dammit brain… But you ordinary humans forget to think; which is why our minds automatically jump to presents whenever there’s a certain event coming up. Christmas? Yay, presents! Easter? Choccy eggs! Valentines Day? …never mind. (*internal sobbing*)

The point I’m trying to make is that nowadays, we often forget to consider the non material joy we get out of holidays like this. Like how we get to spend time with friends and family, (well, spending time with my ‘family’ for me). And that’s the ‘dark’ side of birthdays. I dunno if it was particularly dark, but it’s one of the negatives about birthdays I guess.

So why, Cat Madigan, do you think we celebrate the day of our birth?

I have no idea. Well, actually, I have several, as seen above, but I cannot make up my mind. They all seem pretty likely, but there has to be a reason behind us actually wanting to celebrate. I guess that the reason we choose to celebrate it in those ways is because the alternative is to realise that we’re another year older, another foot in the grave. It’s not so much of a bother yet, as I’m not an adult yet, but judging from what I’ve seen of my mother and other whiny adults (I’m such a horrible child), it’s not a pretty realisation.

Overall, birthdays give us a cause to celebrate, and whatever reason you have behind it, whether it be financial gain, or a way to meet up with friends, it’s a good way to take your mind off things and enjoy yourself. And it reminds you how much people actually care about you, for they’re willing to go out of their way to make you happy, if only for a day.

So here is Question of the Day! What’s your favourite holiday memory? It doesn’t have to be a birthday, it could be Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day (lucky imaginary bastards…), whatever you like.

In other news, I got photos from a catwalk show I did on Thursday. Be prepared for a rant about modelling soon. Also, only two days before my Internet returns, oh I’ve missed you my beloved iPad….

Mad Cat.


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