Well….this is awkward.


A few days ago, I thought I had posted on this. Unfortunately, my stupid iPad must’ve had other ideas.

Well let’s post this now, shall we?

A friend once asked me (yes, I do have friends) “Cat, how do you get ideas for writing?”

It’s simple. I think too much.

Well, I suppose it’s not that simple. You see, when it comes to writing, I have at least two types of days. First type, is where I’m incredibly unstable, I can’t stay in Reality for too long, and my resulting Delusions give me all sorts of stuff to write about. I know I haven’t written too much on my Delusions, but there’s a lot of stuff I can write about them. It’s only that this blog is set in Reality, and in order to write in Reality, I need to stay in Reality, so I try to write about things in Reality as often as I can. That’s probably why I often sound like a whiny teenager most of the time.

Or I can have a day where something inspires me to write. For example, my school has a philosophy club, so that always gets my mind working about topics. Of course, this will lead me to overthinking everything, and then I end up having an argument with Daniel over it.

You know you’re insane when you start having debates with figments of your imagination.

I also like to look at Daily Prompts for inspiration, though I don’t want to rely on those too often, I’m predictable enough as it is. “Reality, Delusion, Daniel’s an ass, My friends are weird, Society is messed up, Reality, Daniel’s a pig, blah blah blah.”

But I find I can find inspiration from anything around me. My friends inspire me to talk about different types of people, and different problems facing the youth of today, (not that you’d actually want to hear about that sort of stuff, imaginary reader. You’re just here for the imaginary cookies). But inspiration can also come from books. And tv, but I like books as well.

For example, right now, I am in the school library reading, *trumpet entrance*, The Philosophy Book.

And for those non existent readers who get easily distracted by things I say, I’m in the library because the rest of my school is at Mass, and I was wearing the wrong shirt, so I’m here to ‘study’. Normally I’d have a big rant about this, but because it’s Mass, I’m going to let it pass for today. Philosophical pondering trumps Religious worship, sorry God.

It’s not that I don’t believe in a God, or a heaven for that matter. I just find it difficult to believe that there is a god that created us, knows everything, including how we think, and is still arrogant enough to punish us with hellfire if we don’t believe in him, especially since there’s not much evidence for us stupid humans. Or maybe he’s watching to see how many of us can actually work out that he exists, and he sends hypocrites to hell, rather than non believers.

Now I’m thinking about what goes on in hell.

Maybe…it’s like a live performance of Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s! Over and over and over…..

You Satan, are a sick bastard.

“Hey, Yahweh, we’ve got a new design for the new level of Hell. Behold….21st Century Earth.”

“It’s perfect! The generation with the worst taste in the history of the universe, 24/7, for the rest of eternity… >:)”

O_O This idea almost makes me want to go to church. Wait for meeeeeeeeeee!

I have gotten off track once again. What is it with me and getting as far away from the topic as humanly possible?

Now what was the original point?

Aha! That’s it! Inspiration!

Well I think the above gives you a fair idea about how I get ideas. One thing leads to another, and next thing, WORD VOMIT!

I wonder if God is a cat.

I’m going to shut up now.

It’s time for Question of the Day! Even though no one actually answers the question.

How does inspiration come to you? Do you get ideas from life in general, or do you read too much like me, and get stuck thinking the most random things ever, and then writing them up for the world to see? Or you can even give me a link to the post in the comments, showing me how messed up your thinking can be! Friends? ^_^

Also, at the moment, I’m considering writing like a story blog, by that I mean writing up a story chapter by chapter, on a blog. Not this one though, this one is specifically for my messed up mind. On the other hand, I may need actual readers first. Dammit…

Ok, Mad Cat out.

2 thoughts on “Well….this is awkward.

  1. Imaginary Friend

    Sit down, relax, day dream, let your mind wonder, it’s then that you will get inspiration in a number of ways. Let your mind drift and go where it will, dont try to stop it, just go with it.

  2. I think it’s super awesome that you were “forced” to study instead of go to Mass. Philosophy is the shit (though, I am biased, as I have my degree in philosophy).

    Anyway – I will answer your question! I think I get my inspiration from observing people. Most things that people do make me feel weird, or at least make me think. Then I wonder why it is that they’re doing what they do. I then examine if I would do the same thing, and why or why not. If it doesn’t fit for me, then I just do what feels right. Unfortunately, it’s usually not what most people do, leading to a lot of alienation.

    Good question! Keep studying!

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