WTF Cat Madigan???


Ok, so this has been a mad and eventful day, and Cat Madigan needs a much needed rest. But here is essentially what has happened.

I am in a safety house.

Or a crisis home.

Or something mad as I am.

I needed a much needed break from my parents, most specifically my mother, and today I hit snapping point, and I ran away.

You think that’s mad? Here’s the stupid part.

I was without shoes. And I walked all the way to the city without shoes. Which is about….20km?

Yeah…I’m going to grow hobbit feet at the rate I’m at.

But yes. The journey here was incredibly random and weird, and it was an actual adventure. So I’ll probably deliver the whole story on the blog soon. Probably in parts. Maybe I’ll call it the Chronicles of the Mad Cat.

Best news of all, I’m allowed to see my friends still. Because they kick us out of the house during weekdays, because you’re meant to be going to school or uni or the like.

But I’d like to stay at the Crisis house for a time. You do your own laundry, cooking and cleaning, and you essentially become independent. Which I do need.

The Chronicles of the Mad Cat shall be put up as soon as I have time and energy to write it. It’ll be in parts, and hopefully everything will be fine.

Love Cat Madigan <3333

One thought on “WTF Cat Madigan???

  1. A friend: Your "brother" in fact ;)

    I’m glad you’re happy and safe now Cat. :)
    Would I be able to come visit you some time? Maybe I could bring some money so then you can buy some shoes at a salvos or something :P Also, do they give you the raw ingredients for food and stuff like that? Cos last time I checked you only had the clothes you were wearing… which would make for some awkward washing up :P So yeah, I’m happy to bring you a bit of money if you need it :)
    You’re brother :)

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