Private School Bitchfaces


Today, we have exactly one more week of school for the year.

I is excited. Very excited.

My guy friends, on the other hand, finished today, and were bragging about it.


So today, after finishing my English exam, I went into the city with my friends.

Today on the list of awesome people hanging out with me was MJ, Papa Willis, My ‘grandma’-who I’ll name Mrs Jackson, Smith, Slenderman’s ‘son’- named from this point on Pretty One, and the Flash.

It had been almost three weeks since I’d seen the Flash, so I was quite excited to see him. As nonexistent regulars know, we’ve been going out, though it’s been difficult to see eachother, because I live in Wonderland and he lives just outside the Rabbithole. In English, it’s a bit out of our way. Plus with exams going on, we’ve been busy studying, so the only way we’ve been able to communicate is Facebook.

So after a long Friday of exams, we went into the city.

The nice part of the city that is, not the messed up part that I ventured into in The Chronicles Of A Mad Cat.

And a lot of girls from my school were going there too.

Now, the thing with me is that my girlfriends have incredibly strict parents, so they aren’t allowed into the city. My guy friends are the opposite, so when I go into the city, it’s them who I usually meet up with.

The only problem with this though, is that people interpret opinions based on that information. And one person told me one time to my face that they thought I was a lesbian.

Honestly, it didn’t really help things when I just frowned and said, “Oh”. Because I have never seen being gay as a bad thing. When I was little and living in another city, I grew up next to two gay guys, and they’re the ones who prevented me from dressing like my mother. (THANK GOOOOOOOOD.) But I’ve never seen that as an insult, so I didn’t give the girls the reaction that they were probably expecting/hoping for.

By the way, this was when I was dating Potch. A MALE…I’m presuming.

So, back to present day. We all went into the city, and we saw…

Nope, s!uts is too rude.

So is Wh@res.



Ok, now I have one.

We all went into the city and we saw Paris Hiltons!

There we go.

So Papa Willis took his ‘mother’ Mrs Jackson and his ‘nephews’ to save our seats while MJ stayed with me and the Flash to get food.

It was at that moment when the chief Paris Hilton waved at me.

I waved back, but I was deeply disturbed.

This Paris Hilton once told me that I had no friends and I was a fat loner.

She is a lovely person…according to numerous boys at the school that my guy friends go to.

So I was getting icecream, when suddenly, Queen Paris-ite got up from her table.

And she was heading for us.

Ooooooooh fudge, I thought. “Flash,” I whispered. “Watch out.”


“Heeeeeeeeeeeey, Cat, good to see you!” Queen Paris-ite gave me a sorta hug. You know, that touch on the arm and leaning in ever so slightly? Yeah, that one. “Is this your boyfriend?”

“Yeah, Flash, this is *insert alternate name for Queen Paris-ite here*, *insert alternate name for Queen Paris-ite here*, this is Flash.” I mouthed I’m so sorry over her head to him.

After she left, MJ came back. “Where did you go?” I asked.

He raised an eyebrow.

“Fair point.” Then the full effect of what she had done hit me. “She hugged meeeeeeeee!” I cried. “Nooooooooo!”

Flash and MJ gave me a hug as I faux-sobbed (“I feel so violated!”) and then we just started laughing.

“You should’ve asked her how many guys she’s done!” MJ told me.

“Grandpa, I’m not that much of a bitch,” I retorted.

“Well I am!”

“Then you do it.”

“…maybe Mrs Jackson will.”

Mrs Jackson didn’t. Neither did Smith or anyone else. But we laughed about what we would say if we had the guts to.

Thus is the reality of private school children. We can talk about someone behind their back, but when they approach us, we’re best friends. And I’m included in that category.


Mad Cat Artwork: Liquid Madness


Time for another piece of what’s in my head in digital art form!

It’s not a self portrait, it’s based on a character in a story my friend The Evil One is writing. She used me as the inspiration for the character. So she’s going to be extremely messed up. ^_^

The way I see it, she’s been driven so mad that she split into two personalities. The one I drew is the creepier, darker one, which has no sense of the present, and is permanently stuck inside her traumatic past. I might do another picture of both personalities, but I haven’t got enough time at the moment, with exams and everything. I barely have enough time to update sometimes.

Ah well. Enjoy my artwork, and I’m finishing up the second last chapter of Cat’s Run Away, which will hopefully be posted soon. I know how much you nonexistent readers love those.

Mad Cat

Faith in People…Status: Depleted.


Cat Madigan is not happy.

Neither is Daniel.

It’s not every day that you accuse non-existent readers of things, but here goes.


Yesterday, I came home feeling a lot happier than I had been in a while. I have no idea why, but I was. Which made things even worse later that evening.

During dinner, a notepad had been left in front of where I was eating. One that my mother often used. And, one word caught my eye. HYPNOTHERAPY.

Now, I have a massive aversion to hypnotherapy. I do not like the idea of someone getting inside my head and tampering with the shit in it. Even in the name of therapy. Yes, my opinion of hypnosis may have been influenced by Alice: Madness Returns, but I hated the idea even before the video game.

I have enough trust issues as it is, and I am not comfortable with the idea of someone having the power to lock things away in my head. Nonononononono.

There was more to the note than that. One sentence made me go into full blown panic mode.

Daniel is a devise.

My mother knew about Daniel.

Or at the very least, knew of someone called Daniel who was probably causing me to need something involving hypnotherapy.

In other words, my Daniel, a figment of my imagination.

So. Who tattled on Daniel?

There’s a number of options. Unfortunately.

I’m going to guess my therapists though. Because on that note was details about someone called Mia, who works at CAMHS. Which is where I’m having with someone I’m calling Lolly.

But the thing is, my therapists remind me just about every session that everything I tell them is confidential. Unless I am of threat to myself or to others, they are not allowed to tell anyone anything. Nothing I say leaves my conversation with Lolly.

So someone has lied.

Someone who obviously thought that it was their place to tell my mother about Daniel. Meaning someone who has contact with my mother, and who I’ve trusted with information about Daniel.

They might even read what I’m writing now.

Funny…the one time I get a reader, and they’re betraying my trust.

If you’re reading this, tattletale, read till the last word.

I had never given anyone permission to tell my mother anything. Especially not about Daniel, or what I see. And whoever you are, you had no right to tell anyone anything, no matter what you had thought. I would’ve never said anything to you if I knew you’d tell my mum.

If my mother tells me to go through with the treatment, beats me, yells at me, or screams at me to force me into it, it’s you who’s to blame.

Atlys and Sylverlace




“But the Weekly Challenge-”

“I know what it said.”

“It said, pick one of the characters that inhabit your brain.”

“That does not mean you specifically Daniel!”


“Fuck off.”


Here’s the Weekly Challenge, if any of you would care to have a shot at it: Weekly Writing Challenge: Characters That Haunt You

Yes, you can see why I laughed when I saw this challenge. How many characters do I have in my brain? Millions most likely. Lots and lots of people just waiting to get out. Daniel’s already left his cage.

However, I don’t want to talk Delirium or its Delusions today. I’d rather talk about a character in my story. Actually, I’ll talk about two characters.

The first is already an adult. I’m going to make her nearing her 30s. Her name is Mhyrandah Atlys, and she is on a quest to win her throne from her incompetent cousin. The Atlyses are an old family, centuries old, and they’re a very proud family, which is understandable, for they are the monarchs of the kingdom. But they are also a very wise family, they recorded the stories of old, events from the past, along with ideas about religion, science, even technology. The Atlyses are what brought civilisation back on track, after an event known as The Blast came about, killing about ninety percent of the population of the Earth. A lot of the knowledge of the Earth was destroyed, but the Atlyses managed to help humanity recover, with them as leaders.

As an Atlys, Mhyrandah knows many things about the history of humanity, including The Blast. She even has dreams of humanity in the past. She’s very weary about religion, seeing it as something which suffocates you and tries to control you, and her cousin Alexiyos uses religion and the belief that women cannot rule as his justification for claiming the throne. It’s her knowledge of the past that drives her, she knows that women can rule, and that she is a more worthy ruler than Alexiyos. She’s quite witty, and a quick thinker.

But despite her intelligence, Mhyrandah doesn’t understand people very well. She’s very used to having things her way, and compromising with people she’s not close to is difficult for her. She leaves negotiating to her companion, Isybelle, who is a skilled politician in her own right. She clashes with people easily without Isybelle to intercept. As well as being unable to compromise, Mhyrandah dislikes it when people make her look like a fool. She intensely hates criticism and she hates anyone who thinks wrong of her.

Which brings us to Character Two.

Mhyrandah marries in the story, and she has two stepchildren. Of a sorts. They’re illegitimate children, but she chooses to have one legitimised, just in case she doesn’t provide the kingdom with an heir.

That child is not the one I’m going to talk about.

It’s his sister.

Kassya Sylver, also known by her “bastard name”, Sylverlace, is the illegitimate daughter of Jharron Huntyr. She’s the opposite of Mhyrandah, she doesn’t mind religion, though that is probably because her religion and that of Mhyrandah’s people are completely different, and she is willing to negotiate with people. Unless, she doesn’t like them. And Mhyrandah’s stubbornness and self absorbed nature rubs Kassya the wrong way.

She understands people a lot better than Mhyrandah does, and when Mhyrandah becomes Queen, Kassya begins to study the politics of the court, and she begins to earn a name for herself. With help from her father, she is soon allowed to learn from the Atlys Files, paying particular attention to philosophy. Her new education and natural curiosity leads her to question the logic behind Mhyrandah’s policies, which of course, leads her to butt heads with Mhyrandah.

Kassya has flaws too though. She has a strong reckless streak, and though a lot of it is motivated by self preservation, she has moments where she acts out of carelessness and mischievous. It’s particularly noticeable at the beginning of the story, though it becomes more concealed later. This is what brings Mhyrandah to initially dislike her, though she puts up with her, until Kassya begins to disagree with Mhyrandah’s actions and she goes full blown evil-stepmother on her. She has her own type of stubbornness, like Mhyrandah, though the difference is that Mhyrandah is adamant about having her way, while Kassya has strict ideas about what is right or wrong.

I find that these two characters are very similar, despite their interactions with eachother. Mhyrandah and Kassya are both eager to learn, and are strong people, who refuse to back down from a challenge. They also want recognition for themselves, though in different ways; Mhyrandah wants to be Queen and Kassya wants to be legitimised, not so she can inherit the throne, but so she is acknowledged as her father’s daughter. They’re also strong speakers, though Mhyrandah can deal better with planned speeches and Kassya is able to hold herself in an argument.

The main differences, I think, between the two is that Kassya is far more resilient than Mhyrandah, and Mhyrandah has far more power than Kassya. Which leads to Kassya irritating Mhyrandah, Mhyrandah ‘punishing’ Kassya, Kassya criticising Mhyrandah and Mhyrandah getting angry and ‘punishing’ her again.

And the cycle continues.

The story is only folding out in my head at the moment, so this explanation is not as clear as I would like it to be. But here are two of the characters in my head, Mhyrandah Atlys and Kassya Sylver.

Suck on that, Daniel.

Obviously, there are far more characters than Mhyrandah and Kassya, but I’ll save those for another time. And no, the plot line where Mhyrandah takes the throne will not be the whole focus of the story. The main plot line is a whole lot darker…>:)

Anyway, time to go to school, just came back from therapy which was so desperately needed.

Love Mad Cat.



I have found another part about myself that I hate. Yes, it turns out that it is possible. After discovering millions of flaws in myself, I thought there couldn’t have been anymore.

I have a feeling that whenever I say things like ‘What could be worse than this,’ or ‘I’ve hit rock bottom’, my brain seems to determine this as a challenge.


So I’ve figured out something else about myself.

I develop attachments to the simplest, stupidest things.

About a few months ago, I nearly had a panic attack when I was deciding to change my radio from 92.9 to 99.3, more commonly known as Triple J. You see, my radio is difficult to change stations on, and if I chose to change my radio station, it would probably stay on that station for the rest of that radio’s existence. And I was freaking out about it. And it was a radio station!

And for all you imaginary 92.9 fans who are asking, I got sick of Nicki Minaj and songs with horrible meanings. Yes, I’m looking at you Miley Cyrus, and you Robin Thicke.

I also tend to be frightened when something happens to Daniel. Yes, the same Daniel who teases and picks on me whenever he has the chance. Because I’ve also gotten attached to him. He’s a friend, and he protects me.

And I shouldn’t get attached to him because he’s a part of my head which isn’t real, and my doctors are splitting hairs over getting rid of him.

I can imagine what you’re thinking, nonexistent reader. Why am I only just noticing this behaviour of mine?

I believe it happened because of a painting I had done. Well, it brought about the realisation.

A few months ago, we were painting abstract self portraits in Art, and mine actually won a prize, much to my astonishment. I was a better drawer than a painter, and the fact that I had won something for that painting was surprising in itself.

So today, I found out from my art teacher that someone wanted to buy my painting, and to think about if I wanted to sell it.

As I am incapable of expressing emotion properly, my only reaction was, “Oh, wow, okay.” On the inside, I felt everything spinning out of whack.

I was carrying my canvas outside when I saw Daniel waiting for me. He was pumped. “That,” he told me, “is wicked. Someone wanted to buy your work, that’s incredible!”

I just smiled tiredly.

Then Daniel noticed I hadn’t said anything. “Are you going to sell it?”

“I’m not sure,” I admitted.

There was a story behind the painting. It probably wouldn’t make much sense without seeing it, but I’m a bit reluctant about letting it out on the Internet, especially when I’m considering selling it. But I’ll describe it as best as I can.


I am not in a good state of mind. In the slightest. Nor was I when I was painting my picture. I don’t know if I ever will be again, (yes, that’s right, I used to be sane). But I can’t let people know that, otherwise I can’t be anything more than the ‘mental girl’. So I appear calm on the outside. I had used green in the background, and for my eyes, and I painted my hair a pretty blue. Calm colours, nice colours, they remind me of a meadow by a lake. I’ve also painted my clothing red, not bright red, just a muted, pretty colour. It doesn’t get much attention.

My face on the other hand, is bright yellow and orange, like a flame. I always feel like I’m burning up on the inside, the pain is bright and vibrant, and it hurts.

It’s not a good feeling.

I ask Daniel now. “Do you see what I’m getting at?”

“Somewhat. But do you?”

I frown, and shake my head at his logic. “I feel like it’s too emotional,” I said slowly. “And too personal. I mean, it means something to me, about myself, and it’s not a very nice part about myself. It’s like giving away a secret, and for someone else to have that secret?”

“What do you know about secrets?”

I make a face. “Enough to know that it’s a bitch.”

He chuckles. “Silly Cat. A person only has a secret if they understand it completely. This person won’t know the truth unless you give it to them.”

“Then I’m selling a lie.”

He cracks up. “You are an idiot.”

“I believe that’s been established.”

He sighs. “What are you upset about? You could sell a painting, what’s wrong with that?”

I shake my head. “It just feels almost like I’m telling them about what’s really happening in my head.”

“Cat Louise Madigan,” Daniel says. “Will you remember this painting for the rest of your life?”

“I’m not sure,” I said slowly. “I could feel differently tomorrow about it, and I might want to sell the painting. On the other hand, what if I sell it and I’ll always want it?”

“Now you’re overthinking this,” Daniel said. Then he starts calling out “RED ALERT, RED ALERT! OVERTHINKING IN PROGRESS! INITIATE DISTRACTION!”

I hit him over his head with a book. “Better?” he asked.

“Much, thank you.”

Daniel lies back. “Ask your teacher more about it,” he says. “Don’t give it away practically for free, if it’s so precious. How much would you sell a secret?”

I actually don’t know. Here I am, writing up our conversation for millions of nonexistent readers to see, and I’m worrying about an implied message in a painting. “You’re right, I am an idiot,” I said.

He rolls his eyes. When I look back up, he’s gone. And I feel sad.

Damn you Daniel.

Watch Me Write!


Hello non existent readers! Guess who’s iPad has regained access to the Internet?

MWAHAHAHA, nothing can stop me now! >:)

So I had made a promise to post the prologue of my story thingymajinky, so I’m going to that today. I’ve been making a lot of notes, because I’m making my own world, and I’m designing everything.

As if I didn’t already have enough worlds….

At the moment, I’ve just been sketching the places and people, and hopefully I’ll be able to post them on here soon. I’ve also had a lot of fun designing the clothes that they would wear, and since I’m doing Materials Design next year, I might be even able to make them.

Yeah right! :p But it would be a fun challenge.

Anyway, here’s the prologue, I’ll see you at the end.

How many stories had she heard as a girl, warning her of the dangers of the forest at night? How many tales of children being eaten and maidens getting murdered had she listened to? Far too many, she had to admit. She enjoyed frightening stories, because they were the ones that made the other girls scream.
As a branch scratched her arm with a sharp finger, she wondered if the inventors of those stories had been in the same woods as she. It was identical to the pictures painted in books; ink black night only illuminated by the moon, monstrous trees which would eat you if you fell asleep under them, and the menacing silence which threatened to drive you to madness.
It would appear that the silence had come too late then.
She stumbled, and the forest ground tore her knee again. Cuts and bruises are the least of my worries, she thought. I’ll endure a million. A billion, before I die by that hand.
The now familiar pains flooded her head again, and she couldn’t move another step. She crumpled to the forest ground, tears streaming down her face. End this, she pleaded the creatures that weren’t there. Please!
As the outlines of the trees became blurred, she felt a sense of dread wash over her as she realised her hunger was returning. A hunger for the drink of life. A hunger for scarlet.

She laced it tighter, trying to squeeze all the air out of herself, so the pain would leave.
Cloth of violet blue, embroidered with pearls which gleamed in the light. But as beautiful as the gown was, she could take no joy in it. That monster’s eyes were violet, the one that nearly killed her. And it was still out there. Waiting.
She tread toward the window, slowly, in case a nightmare jumped out in front of her. None came, but as she looked out onto the village, there they were. Monsters, everywhere.
Another would die today. That was what she had been told before rest the night before. Once, she had learnt about all the lives of the monsters, so some part of them remained in this world once they left it. She’d spent too many hours dwelling over the lives of a young mother, a knight of her own guard, even a lady of the court had turned.
It didn’t matter now though, who these people were, how they lived their short, miserable lives. Their faces all blended together, they were all twisted and mutated and monstrous. It didn’t matter who they were, because when they were lead out to die, the only face she was capable of seeing was his.
The roar of pain from the father…the hysterical sobbing from the sister… The death had brought chaos and destruction to the land. But the fire would burn it all away.
With that, she tore off the evil gown, with the horrible violet eyes, and threw it upon the roaring fire. It caught alight quickly, and blue became black, and the bright flames feasted on the dress before her eyes.
What did he think, she thought, when the stake was driven into his chest? Did he live long enough to feel the flames burning at him? That was her greatest torment. She swore, she would watch a million monsters die to know what was running through his mind.

A bottle of wyne lay beside him, rolling across the cabin floor. It tasted more of piss than wyne, if he were honest, but he’d take it.
His head knocked against the wall again. Excellent, he thought. He could use a couple of hours in a drunken slumber. Thinking was bad. Thinking lead to horrible things, he’d seen that much.
He’d lost everything. He’d lost his children, his wife, and his pride had deserted him the minute he ended up on this boat to the middle of nowhere.
His head blurred, and he felt the warm, comfortable sense of unconsciousness drown him.
A minute after sleep found him, he was shaken awake. “Fuck off,” he growled.
“The lords want t’see yer,” a voice stinking of ash told him. “Good news, they said.”
Fuck… He stumbled up, and staggered out the door. What had happened the last time he heard the words ‘good news”? He chuckled to himself without humour. He’d see what they wanted now. The quicker it was over with, the faster he could get back to his drunken stupor.
“Morning to you too,” they remarked when they saw him. Their matching blue eyes weren’t angry or mocking, though they should be. They were pitying. For some reason, that was felt even worse.
One of them grabbed his legs, and lifted them over his shoulders. He swore loudly, and hit at the other, as they lifted up the other half of his body. “It is time,” the lord said, ignoring his shouts and curses, “for you to either sink or swim.”
With one swing, he was thrown into the air, and he fell down towards the water.

He should’ve been used to corpses by now, but, like the idiot he was, he still felt a chill go down his spine when he saw them.
Why did he put his life in the hands of this stranger, who, quite frankly, was far more worrying than the prison. It wasn’t just the fact that the majority of the guards were dead, most likely by this one’s hand. He was quite certain that this…this…
“Excuse me, but are you a man or a woman?” he asked the stranger.
A low chuckle came from them. He couldn’t hear any note that distinguished them as either sex. Maybe they didn’t have one, perhaps he should refer to them as it.
It would be suicide to leave through the front gates of the prison, so the stranger lead the way to the sewers. Upon reaching the drainage, they raised a gloved hand, indicating for him to go down first. Warily, he obliged, and slid down the pipe.
He was surprised to see a torch in these sewers. Who could’ve left that here? There was still a little flame coming from it, giving him enough light to see around him. There was even more blood in the sewers than in the actual prison, he noted. The filthy water he was standing in reached his knees, there was a red tinge to it. He hated to think how many other corpses were there.
With another splash, he heard the stranger join him. He turned around. Had no one left that torch, he would be blind, but now he could see it’s true form.
“Should’ve guessed,” he said aloud.
The stranger grinned in the dark, and raised a finger to their lips. “Shhhh.”
Was it threat or warning? He didn’t know. He was an idiot, and idiots knew nothing. Except to follow. He had enough sense to know that he could either die here, in bloody waters, or follow this stranger, who had killed those guarding him, and may well kill him too,
Sheep to shepherd, he followed the shadow into the darkness.

Please let me know how this is in the comments, I’m trying to write more creatively, and if it’s good, I’ll probably post more of it. But in this stage it’s a work in progress.

Mad Cat xox

Mad Cat’s First Review- Thor: The Dark World


Mad Cat has been to the movies today, and since I’m feeling inspired at the moment (plus I haven’t written anything for a while), I’m going to write what I thought of it.

Oh, and yes, there shall be SPOILERS, because unlike professional critics, I spoil stuff. Mostly for myself though, because I am far too curious for my own good. Yes, I’ve heard that saying, curiosity killed the cat, but it’s not like getting a summary of what happens in the next book of A Song Of Ice And Fire is going to kill me.

Anyway, let’s move onto the movie.

Just a beforehand; I have not seen the first Thor movie, nor the Avengers, nor do I know what happens in either. I know! I really should’ve seen them before I saw the sequel of Thor, but I didn’t have any time, and since I was already half in love with Loki/Tom Hiddleston, I figured, ‘Meh, I’ll love it anyway.’

So, with my gang of merry companions, we were off the see the movie! In our gang today, we had MJ, Slenderman, Smith, Papa Willis, Flash, and Papa Willis’ girlfriend Giggles. Also joining us were some people that I have never met before, but the rest of my ‘family’ were well acquainted with. I’m going to name them Pancake, Idris, Tiff, and Bluey. I’ve definitely missed some of them, but hopefully I’ll be able to remember them all next time, (so many naaaaames).

Oh, before I go on, I have to mention something. I’m now in a relationship *girly screaming* with Flash. This has been going on for about a month now, and I really like him. I’ve got no idea why he likes me, but he’s really sweet and he’s still as mad as me. BAHAHAHAHA! No, there’s no one madder than me. But I’ll keep you imaginary readers updated on how this relationship goes.

So now, review time! Yes, time to talk about Thor. Remember, this post is dark, and full of spoilers…(#gameofthronesreference)

So, here’s the summary of the back story, please forget my lack of specific names, I’m an incredibly forgetful Cat.

A race who are called the Dark Elves, but are probably better known by another name (which I cannot remember), who wished to turn the whole universe to darkness, using a power source known as ether. Years ago, in the times of Thor’s grandfather, there was a battle, and the people of Asgard stole the ether away from the Dark elves, forcing the leader and villain of the film, Malekith, played by the insanely awesome Chris Eccleston, to abandon his army, with a select few others. The ether was locked away, instead of being destroyed, which probably would’ve stopped shit from going down in this movie, and also prevented what’s going to happen in the next… But more on that later.

Let’s start with what I liked about the movie. Aka: Let’s talk about Loki.

Along with every other human being on the planet who’s seen the film, I love Loki, and it’s one of those cases where you love the villain more than the hero. In this movie, Loki teamed up with Thor in order to destroy the ether and Malekith, because Thor needs to smuggle his gf away from Asgard, and the only way to do this without getting caught is to use a secret passage that only Loki (of course) knows.

I loved the bromance between Thor and Loki, and I feel that their relationship was portrayed really well in this movie. Thor wants to trust Loki, but because of his actions, he can’t. But he loves his little brother, and about ninety nine percent of the dialogue between the two of them is brotherly banter. Loki seems to have redeemed himself in the end, when he tricks Malekith to bring the ether out into the open so Thor can destroy it, and ends up sacrificing himself to save his brother, much to the dismay of everyone in the theatre.

Of course, there was a reason I said seems. In the end, Thor goes to Odin to tell him of how Loki died honourably, and how he does not wish to take the throne of Asgard. Odin accepts this, and allows Thor to leave. Then, the second Thor leaves, Odin’s form changes into….

Well, I think you can guess.

That’s what I love about Loki, and why I like him more than Thor. Thor’s pretty cool, but his intentions are pretty clear; save the world, protect the realm, and protect Jane Foster. Whereas Loki is all over the place, no one knows why he’s helping Thor until the end of the movie, where it becomes clear that he still wants the throne, and he’s just tricked Thor into giving it to him. He’s willing to do anything to get what he wants, and he’s brilliant enough to turn things to his own advantage in the long term. Thor is far too trusting for my liking, whereas Loki is calculating and witty, though I think Thor would still be a better king than him, because Loki would think of his own good before that of the realm.

I was glad that they showed his relationship with his mother, as it gave him more of a human side to him. When she is killed by Malekith, he’s shown trashing his cell in a fury, as his mother was the only one shown to still care for him when he was in prison. Saying that, he did seem to recover reasonably quickly after Thor releases him, he brushes her death quickly to the side, and he’s still able to spit out witty remarks wherever he goes. Then again, you could say the same for Thor, as he’s still able to go around dealing with the incoming war despite the death of his mother. I guess I wished that there was more emotional impact from her death, on Thor and Loki both. It’s the same with Loki’s ‘death’, as well, it doesn’t seem to faze Thor as much, and I really wish that there was more emotion afterward. It could have been as simple as Thor screaming the Adgardian equivalent of “This is for my mom and little brother, bitch!” when he’s battling Malekith near the end. But it seems like Thor does extremely little mourning throughout the film, and that bothers me a bit. And no one else seems to mind the fact that he’s not mourning his family either, not even his gf Jane Foster, and that also bothers me. If someone I knew had even one family member pass away, I’d ask him if he was alright. Sure, there’s a battle going on, but seriously Jane, it’s one sentence.

While we’re on the topic of Jane, I’m also feeling dissatisfied with her relationship with Thor in the movie. There may have been some connection between them in the first movie which I have not received since I haven’t watched it, but in this movie, I find that the connection between the two of them is very small.

In The Dark World, the two of them have not seen each other for two years, since the events of the Avengers, and from what I gather, what they did see of each other was barely a glimpse, because you know, Loki was destroying everything. There’s a bit at the beginning where they’ve reunited and she slaps him in the face twice, but for the rest of the movie, with the exception of one single kiss, their relationship doesn’t get any screen time, as they’re too busy focusing on the ether and the Dark elves and Malekith.

I guess I don’t really see Jane as an unforgettable character. Actually, I see her more of an older, scientist version of Bella Swan. Now hear me out! They may have had something in the first film, I don’t know. If they did, feel free to correct me in the comments below! Actually, please do correct me, I’m begging you, I don’t want another Bella! But that’s how I felt.

So here’s what I gathered about Bella- I mean Jane. Again, feel free to correct me.

-For two years, she’s been searching for him, probably after meeting him in the events of Thor.

-She’s going on a date with a nice human guy when she ditches him halfway when her intern tells her that there’s sign of ‘you know who’.

-Then she gets pulled into the events of the movie because the ether enters her system when she’s accidentally teleported to its hiding spot.

-Thor finds her after he discovers she’s disappeared from Earth. You know, because he can monitor her from Asgard but he can’t even pop over for a visit.

-He takes her back to Asgard and they discover she has the ether in her, which is what is bringing the Dark Elves to Asgard. So of course, she has to stay.

-And she proceeds to do….

Well, I’m not entirely sure.

Oh, she slaps Loki at one point. And I think she does a whole lot of stuff with the teleportation things which have suddenly appeared around Earth, but that is really all that I could collect. Apart from that, she’s really there because she has the ether inside her, she can tell them stuff about the teleportation/gravity thingymajinkies, and because she means something to Thor, which I cannot really understand because I haven’t seen the first movie. She helps beat Malekith, somehow, but she does very little else. She doesn’t really offer support to Thor, she doesn’t speak out against what Odin’s doing (aka, nothing) and she happily goes along with her warrior god bf who she hasn’t seen for two years, and she doesn’t seem even the slightest bit annoyed about that fact. Speak out a little girl! Give some purpose to your story other than to advance the plot and look pretty in a dress!

In summary, they should’ve given Jane some personality in the film. Again, they might have done this in the first one, I don’t know, but if they did, they should’ve kept that up in the sequel. I mean, Pepper was cool in the Iron Man movies, why can’t Jane?

The last thing I’m going to talk about is the villain of the story, Malekith.

I was super excited when they announced that Chris Eccleston, better known as the Ninth Doctor, was going to be the villain in Thor: The Dark World. And Chris did not disappoint me. The loveable Doctor with the big ears was unrecognisable in Thor. In this film, he’s menacing, and he is firmly set on his goal, nothing will stand in his way to turn the world back to darkness.

I did have a problem with Malekith though. And it was probably caused by a certain someone taking the spotlight. In the shadow of Loki, Malekith becomes almost forgettable, and I’m sad at that, because I thought Malekith had a lot of potential as a villain, and it was a pity that there wasn’t as much focus on him than Loki. And Loki complains that he isn’t loved…

So that’s what I thought about the movie Thor: The Dark World. Now it’s pretty clear from the ending scene and the bonus scenes during and after the credits that there is going to be a third movie. So, I’m going to imagine that the producers of Thor have actually read this and actually give a rats tail for my opinion about what I’d like in the next movie.

So here’s what I want.

-Give Thor PAIN. I feel like there should’ve been more emotion from him during the film, so please remedy that.

-Fix Bel-Jane Foster. Why can’t she have personality? She’s an intelligent scientist in her own right, don’t make her into another Bella Swan, she’s better than that. That guy she was having lunch with in the beginning of the film, set her up with him! Give her some substance and purpose the the plot next time!

-Loki is perfect, everyone agrees on that, but if you’re going to have another villain, give him a chance, don’t let him stay in Loki’s shadow, make him a memorable villain in his own right!

Overall, I enjoyed the movie a lot, there was plenty of comedic relief, thanks to Loki and Darcy, and I feel like the series is going in a good direction, but I did feel unsatisfied with some of the characters, and I hope that the third Thor movie can make them more three dimensional next time. Plot wise, that is.