Mad Cat Tellin’ Stories…


So here’s the summary of the story I’m currently writing.

I’m probably going to hold it in a Medievalesque setting, but I had originally thought of making it a more modern setting.

It’s about a kingdom on the brink of civil war, which is hit by a virus which causes people to become cannibals/vampires.

…And there ends my ability to write good summaries.

Essentially, the peasants are really scared, the Queen is going mad, and everyone is killing each other to try and stop the ‘vampires’.

It makes sense in my head!

I’m not sure whether to post it on a blog or be mad enough to try get it published. On one hand, I’m called Cat Madigan for a reason, on the other, I have limited self esteem as it is.

I’ll post the first part I’ve written sometime soon. When iPad can once again connect with the internet, I’ll be able to do it. When I do, pleaaaaaaase tell me if it’s shit or not, it would be great to have some idea of how I’m writing.

Love Mad Cat xox

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