Mad Cat Reviews: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire


I promised, and now I deliver. It’s time to review the second part of the incredibly awesome trilogy staring the incredibly awesome Jennifer Lawrence.

Again, SPOILER ALERT, for anyone who hasn’t read the books or seen the movie. Although judging by the reactions at the end of the movie, it may be a good idea…It’s sort of like the Red Wedding, only Hunger Games style. So watch out, nonexistent readers.

Okay, so I went to go see Catching Fire with my friends, who I mentioned in the post Third Person. Here’s the link:

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Personally, I really enjoyed the movie, I had read the books, and as I usually do when I read books, (or at least good books which are going to become movies) I was really looking forward to seeing the book in visual format. I find that with a lot of adaptations, the movie never lives up to the expectations of those who have read the book, because they have to change a lot of stuff. I mean, think about everything they have to do; hire actors, create special effects, create the sets, it costs a lot to do that stuff. And they have to figure out how to organise the story so that people do not get bored. So it’s up to them to sort out what is vital to the story and what doesn’t need to be there.

I was really happy with how Catching Fire was done, and it was a whole lot better than the Hunger Games, probably because they had a better budget this time as well as a new director, and they were able to do more stuff. I found in the last movie that the filming in a couple of scenes was a bit lazy. Like, some parts of it looked like that a student filmed it. But there was none of that in Catching Fire, so that made me very happy. :) Thankyou Lionsgate. <3

What I liked about the movie, and the previous one as well, was the extra stuff. From the book, you only get to see the point of view of Katniss, you don’t see what’s happening in the Capitol, or the behind the scenes of the actual Games. But in the movies, we get an insight of the world outside the Arena, we get to see the riots, and how Katniss’s actions in the arena affects the real world outside. Even the scenes involving the gamemakers as they manipulate the arena are good, as it almost reminds us that the Capitol are the ones causing kids to die, and as a result, we hate them even more.

I noticed two differences from the book and the film. The first I didn’t really care about, because I didn’t think it was necessary. In the book, Katniss runs into two people from District 8 who are running from the Capitol, and they’re headed for District 13, which everyone thinks is destroyed. Instead of this, there’s just mentions of how District 13 got decimated by the Capitol, and how war is building up again. In the end of the film though, (spoilers), it’s revealed that District 13 still exists, and that’s where they’re going…

In a way, I’m glad they didn’t include Bonnie and Twill, because it would’ve taken attention away from the more important parts of the story, and it was better that people just bring up District 13 here and there, so we didn’t entirely forget about it.

The other difference was one that I did mind. In Catching Fire the book, it shows us how Haymitch, the drunken mentor who’s a total badass, won his respective Hunger Games, which also involved him defying the Capitol in his own way. And I feel like they should’ve at least mentioned it in the movie, as Haymitch was reaped in a Quarter Quell, as were Katniss and Peeta in Catching Fire. It was a shame that they left it out, because I really wanted to see how Haymitch became the way he was! I mean, of course I know what happened, but I wanted to SEE it!

I guess that I feel like it would’ve given us more insight to his character.

Plus I wanted to see Haymitch as a hot seventeen year old teenager.  

Fortunately, there’s going to be two more movies, so hopefully we’ll see Haymitch’s story in there.

Other awesome stuff in the movie:

-The costume porn. The costumes were awesome. My favourite? Well, what’s everyone else’s favourite? The mockingjay dress! An exquisite combination of beautiful and badass.

-Johanna and Finnick. I was sitting next to Flash in the theatre, and I started cracking up at his expression when Johanna started stripping down in the elevator. Also, Finnick managed to turn on every girl in the theatre, simply by biting a sugar cube. Give those two a cookie.

-Jennifer Lawrence. She was awesome at playing Katniss Everdeen, I wanted to cry when she cried, I felt angry when she was angry, and she won everyone’s love through the Hunger Games Trilogy. I’m really looking forward to seeing her in new stuff.

Oh, and there was one thing I forgot to bring up. Thank god I remembered before I pressed Publish.

The ending.

The ending resulted in half the theatre screaming “What?”, “The hell?” and “NOOOO!”

And I don’t really understand why. I mean, I knew it was shocking, but I didn’t expect a reaction that huge from the audience. Smith and I, the only ones who read the book, had to console our ‘family’ and friends, who were screaming “Whyyyyyyy?” as we left the theatre.

So those are my thoughts about Catching Fire, what did you guys think? And why was there such a huge reaction at the ending? Leave thoughts below, I really want to read what you non-existent readers think.

Cat Madigan


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