Beards Are Pretty


So yesterday, I was asked to do a photo shoot, a paid one, which alone was exciting, because until now, I’ve been doing free work to gain experience.

It’s going to be a makeup shoot, and there’s going to be three different looks. It’s going to be a long day though, and there’ll be little breaks in between, if any. Fortunately, Daniel’s going to be there to keep an eye out.

Unfortunately, that means he’s going to be seeing my makeup.

The first two looks are pretty simple. First is basic day makeup, second is glamour makeup, which means I get to look pretty.

The third is a special sort of theatre makeup.

And long story short, they’re going to turn me into a guy.

Now shut the fudge up Daniel! You too, nonexistent reader! I can hear your snickering…

I’m really looking forward to the shoot though, because I do like out-there makeup. And from this, I can get lots of cool photos for my portfolio.

And a lot of stories to tell my friends.

I feel like I’m in a good place at the moment with my modelling. I’m pretty happy with how much work I’m getting at the moment. Like, between school, athletics, and other stuff in Reality, there’s not much time I get for myself. It would be different if I was a professional model working full time, but I’m not, I’m still a teenager, and I’m still in school, and until now, I’ve been doing work for experience.

A lot of people ask me “How far would you go?” when it comes to modelling. That, I’m not entirely sure. To start off with, whenever I think about going to castings or applying for a spot in something, I become the most cautious person on the Internet. I mean, nowadays, especially now we can communicate without actual contact, there are so many traps a person can get into. So when I hear about a job, say on Model Mayhem, I will thoroughly research that photographer until I’m convinced that it’s not a seedy guy that will try to get me to take my shirt off.

I don’t think I’d like to do full on nudity. Lingerie, maybe. Like, if by some miracle, Victoria’s Secret wanted me to be one of their angels, I would probably accept that. But I would not be comfortable posing for a life-drawing class. The way I see it, if I were a lingerie model, the main focus would be the lingerie, rather than my body. I wouldn’t have a problem with that, the lingerie is what’s up for sale. Whereas naked modelling has only one focus; when people see the photo, there’s only one thing they look at. Plus, if I did something like that, I’d be afraid that people would judge me for it, and I wouldn’t be taken as seriously. Think about it, what sort of person has naked photos taken?

What I do like is the weird, crazy stuff. I’d be thrilled if someone asked me to pose with a python, or do a photoshoot while skydiving, or, yes, wear a beard and moustache. What’s the point of being Cat Madigan if I don’t do mad stuff? Yeah, a lot of people are going to laugh and maybe even talk behind my back, but the people I care about won’t. Sure, they’ll tease me, but they won’t think less of me for doing it.

I’d find it sort of ironic. People would hate on someone for cross dressing, and at the same time, they wouldn’t even blink if a model took off their clothes on camera. Says a lot about society. Weirdness is not accepted, whereas sex is.

Okay, time to stop before this becomes a rant. I’m not sure if I’m going to post photos on here, I don’t want imaginary stalkers following me in the street. Or maybe I’m ready to show my face…

Nah. ^_^ But I might post a photo if it doesn’t have my whole face showing. Or I could draw them. And I’m definitely going to write about the photoshoot, so stay tuned.

Question of the Day: What’s your opinion on modelling? Do you enjoy the weird and mad couture and makeup? Do you wish that there was less sex in magazines? Leave your imaginary comments below.

Okay, time for bed. Daniel has fallen asleep already, now where’s my marker…

Cat Madigan

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