Oh. Holidays. Yippeeeee!


Nine days till Christmas.

I don’t like Christmas anymore.

It might have something to do with my depression and mental instability, but I don’t feel the same about it as I did when I was eight.

I guess it’s because I feel like Christmas should be a time for celebrating with family, which my family is somewhat allergic to.

My family goes to see extended family in Adelaide and Sydney during the Christmas holidays, so we can interact with relatives other than each other. Actually, I enjoy seeing my relatives in Sydney. Or at least my cousins. My grandparents in Sydney are pretty cool too, but they’re a bit old fashioned, and I haven’t seen them in two years. I’m just a little worried how they’ll act towards me, now that I’m the ‘bad child’. You know, because I ran away and I’m the child that constantly disobeys Mum.

Which is sort of ironic, when you consider the other child is a kleptomaniac and a pathological liar.

Now I think of it, I really should’ve changed the names of Adelaide and Sydney.

Oh well. Stuff it. Come and get me, serial killers!

My favourite cousin is known as Bitchy Mitchy, who will most likely murder me after he sees what I’ve named him.

Fineeee, I’ll just call you Mitchy. Mitchy is awesome, he’s like an older brother, one that I do want. He’s a bigger nerd than I am; he got me hooked on Doctor Who, and I got him hooked on Game of Thrones.

Which may not be a good thing, but what the hey.

So I’ve been on holidays for more than a week now. How am I doing?

Well, not the best. Now that I’m on holidays, I don’t really eat much food. You see, Mum just gives me a sandwich when I go to school, but as long as I either buy something, or steal of my friends, then I’m fine. Otherwise, I get Delirious, and as a result, fall into Delirium. Well, that’s one theory anyways.

Now I’m on holidays. And I’m eating less because everyone else is eating everything in the kitchen.

It’s my own fault I suppose. My family eats at the same time every day. When I go to my grandparents in Adelaide, we have huge lunches and we eat them at the table as a family. But, thanks to the influence of a father who wants nothing to do with his family, my family don’t do this.

But they do have big lunches.

Which, consequentially, leaves me with little to eat. Mostly, I feed off apples. Or pop tarts. Or anything that my picky system will eat.

Ironically, everything my father and his parents love to eat consists of everything I hate to eat.

So, I’m hungry. And Delirious. And bored.

Now I want icecream…

Time to feed my Delirious brain. So here’s Question of the Day: What are you looking forward to in the holidays?


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