Daniel at the Airport


“Daniel!” I hissed.

He popped up beside me, even though he was also across the airport from me. “What? What happened?”

I pointed at his doppelgänger. “That’s what happened.”

He just frowned. “What do you mean?”

I stare at him. “The resemblance, Daniel. Look at the resemblance.”

He looks over at the man. “Edward Scissorhands?”

“No, you!

His eyes widen. “My hair does not look like that.”

“Oh yes it does.”

He squints. “In that case, give me your hairbrush.”

“I’ll fix your hair on the plane,” I promise. “But how can you have a doppelgänger?”

“Apparently there’s seven people in the world who look like you,” Daniel says mildly. “Or at least very similar. Cat, look at the eyes, they’re not green. See? He doesn’t look a thing like me,” he says, trying to flatten his hair with his hand.

“Really?” I say. “Those poor souls…”

“So there could be another six versions of me walking around in this world…” Daniel muses.

I frown. “But you’re not real.”

“You do have a point there,” he admits. Then he grins. “Or I might be real.”

“Then why can only I see you?”

“Do you really want to get into this Cat?” he says exasperatedly.

“Fair point.”

“Imagine it…seven other Cat Madigans…”

“They wouldn’t look exactly like me,” I point out. “Just similar.” I grimace. “Maybe they’re Cat Madigans without crappy skin and fat bellies.”

“You. Are not. Fat,” Daniel growls.

Our flight home is now ready….finally.

“You’re probably the most attractive version of yourself,” Daniel tells me. “And don’t you forget it.”

“In that case, I am so sorry for those poor people, someone should create a charity for them.”

“Shut up and brush my hair!”



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