Cat on Holidays


Went back to CAMHS today. Saw Lolly, and told her everything.

So my homework for the week is to do something I enjoy every day.

If only school work were that easy.

Well, what do I have this holidays?

Right now, I’m doing sewing classes. As you imaginary readers know, I don’t know how to sew, and yet, I’m taking 1A/B Textiles Design and Technology.

I’m making a dress. It has green flowers all over it and hopefully I’ll be able to actually wear it.

…presuming I’d want to be seen in it once I’m finished.

Today was my second lesson. I’ve learnt and remembered a lot, and so far, I’ve sewn the…watchimacallit to the thingamabob. In Cat Madanese, I’ve sewn the top of the front to the bit where the shoulders are, and I’ve attached that to the back.

Yeah…I’m not going to survive this.

And guess who my incredibly supportive assistant is?

Flashback to this morning…

I was sewing the watchimacallit to the thingamabob, when he walked in front of the window I was facing when I worked. I wish to god I hadn’t looked up…

“I didn’t know you dressed in drag,” was my response.

He was wearing one of the wedding dresses which the teacher had put on display, to show us what you could do in sewing. “Here comes the bride…all fat and wide….” he sang.

I was grateful though. I hadn’t been having a good day, I was too busy worrying about MJ, so I needed a laugh.

Sometimes I wonder if I am a bad influence on my friends….yesterday, I started talking to MJ on Facebook, and he told me that he was getting away from his parents’ house, as they had banned him from going out with friends. Sound familiar nonexistent regulars?

By the way, no, I didn’t finish Cat’s Run Away. You know how it ended, I went home, nothing changed, except my friendship with Flash. End of story. I might tell the rest some day, but only if I’m very bored.

His case was a lot more understanding than mine though. They had banned him from his best friend, because they thought he was gay. Yes, they’re homophobic, and it sucks. Because his best friend, aka my ‘Grandma’, isn’t gay. But MJ is.

Yeah…not good.

Anyway, so that was my day. Now I’m doing something fun. Writing! Then I’ll do a drawing for Pancake’s birthday next week. Then I’ll do fun things for the rest of the holidays.

…Assuming I’m not wallowing in depression/Delirium.

Anyway, time for drawing.

Love Cat Madigan

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