So today’s plans were simple. Clean the house, get ready for school tomorrow, the usual.

Then I got messaged.

A model had cancelled for a photoshoot, and they wanted to know if I was available.

So after asking Mum if she could drive me, Daniel, Kaya and I were off.

Before I go on, it might help to mention that Kaya has, for a lack of a better term, grounded me. Yeah… I did sort of deserve it, but it doesn’t mean I have to like being ‘grounded’.

For a lack of a better term, Kaya is there in the back of my mind in case I do something stupid. So I am never alone with my thoughts.

Oh be quiet. Since when is punishment meant to be enjoyable? Stupid girl.

Anyway, the theme was Seven Deadly Sins, and I got my very favourite one.

“Lust?” Daniel asks.

“Since when have I done anything impure?”

“You’re right. Physically, you are completely innocent,” he winks.

“Shut up Daniel. I’m Sloth.”



“Ohhhh. Yes, you’re right, that sin is definitely fitting of you.”

“Thankyou.” I was beaming.

“Now which sin am I going to be?” Daniel smoothed his hair in the mirror.

“You’re not in this shoot Daniel,” I rolled my eyes. “But you can be Vanity. Kaya’s Wrath.”

I beg your- Oh, you’re right.

“Indeed.” I look at Daniel. “Have you spoken to Kaya yet?”

“A couple of times,” he tells me.

Kaya scoffs inside my head, and I frown. Before I can say anything, I get scooted off to my makeup chair.

My hair is teased this time, at the ends. Because sloths don’t brush their hair. I really like it, though Daniel laughs at me. The makeup is the hardest part, as I struggle to calm Kaya down. Shut up! I think.

It’s annoying!

You’re annoying!

What the bloody hell is on my eyelid?

MY eyelid. They’re false eyelashes, and you can either sit there and shut up, or you can go.

Fine then. This better be quick…

The door kept opening and closing while my makeup was being applied, and judging from past experience, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of dread. Then Kaya spoke up. If it were them, I would’ve switched with you by now, she informed me.

I can handle them myself, I retort silently.

She scoffs, and now I’m angry. You know nothing, she tells me. You think the worst people are those you see? There are more where they came from. You wouldn’t last a minute.

Oh, I see, I say to her. Cat Madigan always needs my help. Cat Madigan is a scared little girl who can’t deal with things on her own.

My makeup artist goes to have lunch, and I’m left alone with my head. Well guess what? I growl in my head. I’m not a fighter, I’m not strong enough for that. But I can endure. I can take anything that you have, and live through it. Yes, it’s hard, but I’m surviving.

Is that why, Kaya says in a spitefully smooth tone, you tried to kill yourself?

Surprisingly, it’s Daniel who yells out, not me. Fortunate too, considering how I’m the only one who is real. He storms up to me, and glares at me, and for a moment, I forget who he’s angry at. “This is out of line,” he snarls.

She started it, Kaya says coldly.

“Do I look like someone who gives a fuck?” Daniel replies. “You of all people are in no place to call someone weak.”

Kaya is silent, but I feel her brooding in the back of my mind. I take her silence as an opportunity. “What’s going on?” I demand Daniel.

Daniel fumes. “I’ve had enough of Kaya,” he tells me.

“That makes two of us,” I reply. “Though I don’t understand your case that well.”

It was then, of all times, that the makeup artist returned. With a hotdog for me.

“Here you are,” she said. “Vanity’s boyfriend came back with hotdogs.”

“Food!” I cheered delightedly. “Thank you very much.”

“You’re on a gluten free diet,” Daniel reminded me. “Roll of bread and sausage with breadcrumbs, it’s against the rules.”

I ignored him and began devouring my hot dog.

My makeup, for a lack of a better way to say it, was very blue. Blue eye shadow, blue lips and blue eyelashes. I would’ve thought of sloth as pale blue, something light and fluffy. Instead, it was bright, peacock blue, and the dress I wore was the same colour.

Then it was time to shoot.

“BUBBLES!” I sang, as a bubble wand materialised in front of me.

Real mature, Cat.

Spoil sport.

I understood that bit of symbolism. Blowing bubbles represents idleness and time wasting, the cardinal qualities of being a sloth. I was pleased to know that my Media and English classes had not gone entirely to waste when it came to hidden meanings in things.

After acting dreamy and giggly, it was time for a group photo. I lay asleep on Vanity as she scowled at me while looking in her mirror. Wrath had Lust in a headlock, who still managed to, well, make love to the camera. Gluttony was simply eating her lollypop, which was being eyed by Envy and her snakes. Greed was too distracted by her rings and jewels to know anything going on.

Then I freaked my mother out when she saw my face. “Hello mummy, I’m an alien!” I informed her.

“Good to know,” she murmured faintly.

Daniel had been far more dramatic. “Kill it!” he was screaming. “Before it lays eggs!”

And for the first time that day, Kaya and I had thought the exact same thing. Shut up Daniel.


3 thoughts on “Sinner

  1. Imaginary Friend

    I saw another’s view of your modelling Cat and for once it was it was positive 😊 !
    Not sure if you were copied in? Let me know if you weren’t and I’ll forward it to you.
    Well done btw, must have been an effort to get the 3 of you down the catwalk in sync ..

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