Do I have a Life?


Obvious answer is yes. I have two, in fact. However, one is spent either getting murdered or being a murderer, and the other is…mostly Facebook. Oh, and writing and drawing.

So speaking of wasting one’s life, this is going to be my 100th post!

…so what should I do?

“I knooooooow!”

“No Daniel.”

“…I hadn’t said anything yet.”

“Yeah, well, I know you.”


As I was saying…I have updated this blog 100 times since I first started it, and that’s a proud achievement. 100 times I’ve spoken up and whinged about my Reality and my Delirium to the world. And I now have 63 followers, which is pretty cool. I guess that means I’m technically not allowed to say that you guys are imaginary or nonexistent.

Stuff that, I’m still going to say it.

So what should I do to celebrate?

Well….I’ve got nothing. So I’m going to post a photo of Kaya.


“For the love of Pete, it’s not Kaya, it’s you cosplaying as Kaya.”

“Yeah…same thing.”

So once again, thankyou to all of you imaginary humans who read the adventures of an emotionally unstable teenage girl, her imaginary best friend and her split personality, and I hope that you might continue reading said adventure, unless of course, they make you as emotionally unstable as I.


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