Cat Madigan Does Her Homework


I can’t talk about Daniel right now, so I’m going to post something different. Here’s my creative writing task I wrote for Lit. It’s based on the story Cinderella Inc., which is about an woman who goes to Cinderella Inc. to change her looks completely, and she leaves a beautiful woman. So because I am twisted and psycho, I wrote a short story on what happened in between. If you want to read Cinderella Inc. beforehand, you can read it here.

The room stank of antiseptic as she woke up. As her faculties gradually returned to her, she noted the various sensations in her body. Dry throat, hollow stomach, aching gums, a strange numbness in her limbs. She blinked her eyes open and stared blankly at the ceiling above her. How long had she been out?

Oh good, a husky, sensuous voice spoke. You’re awake.

She groaned, and held out her hand in front her face. It had flawless, porcelain skin, with nails polished and perfectly manicured. She felt a wave of excitement. Was the rest of her body as lovely as this?

Sitting up, she took in her surroundings. She was boxed in by pure white walls, and the only furniture appeared to be the bed she sat on. “Hello?” she called out, wincing as she heard how raspy her voice was. “Is anyone there?”

Just me, sweetheart, the voice spoke again, in that alluring tone.

“Who are you?” Her head flashed around, trying to look for any sign of life. “Where are you?”

It doesn’t matter, it replied.

“I…” She frowned in confusion. “I can hear you perfectly.”

Don’t scowl like that, darling. It’ll ruin that pretty face.

“My face…” An image flashed across her mind, of a scrawny woman with thin lips and dull, emotionless eyes. “What do I look like now? I want to see.”

Ask for your reflection.

“What?” She stopped herself from frowning, instead, shaking her head. “If you say so.”

Just say it out loud, that’s all you have to do.

She cleared her throat. “I wish to see my reflection,” she called out, grimacing at how campy that sounded, as if she were on some crappy television show. But as soon as the words came out, the wall across from her bed seemed to fade, and suddenly, a face of an angel was staring back at her.

How lovely she was. Her hair seemed to be made out of spun gold, her perfect curls falling down to the start of her slender shoulders. She turned her body to see all the new curves that she had received, yes, that was definitely what she had been looking for.

But it was her face, her now perfect face that everyone would see, that everyone would gaze upon in wonder and envy. Her full lips were as pink as her cheeks, there was no trace of the colourless, sullen woman she used to be. For the first time in a long time, she smiled, and watched her sapphire eyes light up with happiness.

Suddenly, she felt a pain in her cheeks. “Ow!” she exclaimed, rubbing her face as if that would erase the pain. It must be from the treatment. Then she remembered the voice from before. “How long before I can smile?” she asked.

It won’t hurt for too long dear, the voice said soothingly. I’d give it about ten minutes tops.

“That’s good.” Ten minutes wasn’t long. It would be over in the blink of an eye. In the meantime, she focused on the rest of her features. She couldn’t wait to return to the world as she was, a truly beautiful woman.

So darling, the breathy voice said casually. What’s your name?

“My name?” It took longer than it should’ve to remember. “Mary,” she said.

Mary, the voice cooed. Oh no, you’re going to have to come up with something much prettier than that. Mary just sounds so plain! She could imagine the owner of the voice shuddering. So think. What can we call you instead?


Don’t say things like that, the voice scolded her again. It’s unladylike, you know.

I don’t care, she thought, but she didn’t say it aloud. “What about Maria? I like Maria,” she offered. She was starting to feel uncomfortable, talking to a voice that she couldn’t see. “What’s your name?” she asked, hoping to gain some insight into this mysterious woman.

Maria, hmm? That’ll have to do. The voice completely ignored her question. So you’ll now be known as Maria then. Do you understand?

“Yes.” My name is Maria, she told herself. “When can I leave this place?”

Like I said, ten minutes dear. Actually no, five now. Five minutes have passed.

“That’s good.” She looked down at herself and instantly felt embarrassed. “Um, are there any clothes here that I can put on?”

Darling, what did I tell you about saying that? The voice tutted. Think about what you are going to say before you open those beautiful lips of yours.

Maria grumbled to herself. And the answer is no, unfortunately, the voice informed her. You’ll have a robe brought to you by our staff, like I said, in ten minutes.

“Couldn’t they hurry?” Maria knew how rude she sounded, but she didn’t care. “I mean, you’re there, you know that I’m awake, can’t you tell them to come bring me a robe?”

Oh, I’m not with them, my dear. The voice chuckled in her low, seductive voice. For some reason, it made Maria uneasy, but she didn’t know why.

“Then where are you?”

In your head, of course.

Instinctively, Maria raised her perfectly manicured hand to her hair. “I don’t understand,” she said, her voice raising. What’s going on?

Sweetheart, you should relax, you just went through the treatment after all. The husky, breathy voice might have been reassuring if not for the edge to it. Stress shows over time, and I don’t want anything scarring my body, thank you very much.

“Wait, what?” Maria span around, desperately hunting for a door that wasn’t there. Frantically, she started knocking on the mirror, trying to find an escape. “What are you saying? This is my body! You’re not having it!”

On the contrary. The voice was calm, almost bored, as opposed to Maria, who was madly hammering the mirror. You paid for this, and you signed the agreement. One hundred thousand dollars for an entirely new you! she cooed. How about that?
Maria remembered that phrase. “I…that just meant…”

Oh, I know what you thought. Words are silly, aren’t they? The voice let out a peal of laughter. But unfortunately, that’s not the case, my dear. You see, Cinderella Inc. doesn’t do these treatments for just anyone, you know.

“Then why me?”

You have money darling, the voice reminded her. Lots of money, might I add. Money that can be put to better use than all those rich parties you’ll be wanting to hold. And no one’s going to miss you, not once beautiful Marilyn arrives in your place.

“Marilyn?!” Maria spat.

Yes, Marilyn. It’s quite nice isn’t it? The voice was smug. You see? I think I would suit this body a lot better than you ever would.

“Don’t you dare!”

Shh, it’s only two more minutes, the voice told her soothingly. Why don’t you just close your eyes…

“No!” Maria screamed. She was thrashing the mirror with all her might now, and she saw her reflection mimicking her, with tears streaming down her perfect cheeks and sweat dripping through her golden hair. “This is my body! I paid for it!”

You should’ve stayed a Mary, the voice said disdainfully. That would’ve suited you better, an ugly body for an ugly woman. You aren’t fit to be Marilyn, or even Maria.

“Please!” She collapsed against the mirror, in a sobbing heap. “I want to live!” she pleaded.

No you don’t, the voice disagreed. Well, not as Mary anyway. Which is pretty selfish. Why should you get two bodies, while I have to go without. No no, the voice sighed. It’s alright, you won’t feel anything. Think of it this way; right now, you are the most beautiful woman in the universe…

“GET OUT OF MY HEAD YOU BITCH!” Maria screamed, slamming her head against the mirror. Her perfect forehead went fire engine red, but she no longer cared. She threw herself at the mirror again, and again, as if that would’ve helped.

Now look what you’ve done! the voice snapped, her voice now shrill. This is completely out of line, Mary. And a shame too. I would’ve let you stay, you could’ve lived with me, in the back of my mind. There would’ve been plenty of room for you, but if you’re going to be like this…

“Shut up! SHUT. UP!”

There was silence. Then that voice, the one that was so seductive and alluring, let out another coo. Ten more seconds now, it said sweetly.

Suddenly, there was an opening in one of the walls, and the men came in, wielding syringes filled with god knows what. They won’t get me, Maria thought, as she sprinted towards the door, shoving the men aside with all the strength she could manage and making one desperate dive for freedom.

Then she froze. There was no sound in that little room, no one dared move a muscle. Then she looked up with a beaming smile. “Hello boys!” she greeted the gentlemen in her husky, sensual voice. That gleam of her sparkling white teeth detracted all attention from her scarlet forehead. “You can all call me Marilyn.”
So that is what I’m submitting for my creative task for Literature. It had to be less than 1500 words and related to something we studied in Literature this year, so I decided to do it based off one of the short stories we studied. Please feel free to give feedback, as this goes towards my grades and I can use all the advise I can get.

I’ll talk about Daniel tomorrow hopefully, but now I’m tired.

Mad Cat

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