The Year That Went Missing


So here’s an update.

  • I graduated. Somehow. Am now in my first year at TAFE, studying Applied Fashion Design. Failed a couple of units, but I’m on the improve now, and am keeping up. Sort of.
  • Made a short film. I’m not kidding. May talk about that later.
  • Lost a lot of friends. No, I don’t want to talk about it. But I still have some, and even if I didn’t, I think I’m strong enough to keep going.
  • Still trying to figure out what to do with my life. Some things never change. 
  • Had a LOT of sex. May talk about that in another post too.
  • I actually have a boyfriend now. I know. Da fuck. 
  • Still writing, just not on this blog. But I’m thinking I should probably start again.

Madigan Music


Because I suck at emotional responses unless there’s an epic soundtrack playing in the back of my head. And I need to get back into the knack of writing after having not updated for a year. 

Music For When I’m Not A Pathetic Lump For Once And Can Pass For Someone With A Spine

  • Bonfire—Warrant
  • Gangster’s Paradise—Coolio
  • Break The Rules—Charli XCX
  • Boogeyman—Black Casino And The Ghost
  • Wolf In Sheeps Clothing—Set It Off
  • Love Love—Take That
  • Kidz—Take That
  • Meglovania—Undertale OST
  • Burn My Dread—Persona 3 OST
  • Power—Kanye West
  • Inside—Warmer
  • Fallen Leaves
  • Mr Brightside—The Killers
  • My People—The Killers
  • Bad Reputation—Joan Jett
  • Beyond The Void—Arkana
  • Frag Out—DJ Assass1n
  • Get Jinxed!—League Of Legends

Music To Enhance Manic-Pixie-Dream-Girl Mode

  • Listen You Little—Acid Usagi
  • Outside—Ellie Goulding + Calvin Harris
  • Booyah—Showtek feat. We Are Loud & Sonny Eilson
  • This Is Halloween—Marilyn Manson
  • Lolita—The Veronicas
  • Money—Mystery Skulls
  • The Scatman—Scatman John
  • N Battle Theme—Pokemon Black & White OST
  • Take Me Over—Peking Duk
  • Expand—Paris Blohm
  • Hello—OMFG
  • I’m A Pirate You Are A Princess—Nightcore 
  • Little Talks—Of Monsters And Men
  • Mt Eden—Sierra Leone
  • Monochrome No Kiss—Kuroshituji OST
  • Finale—Madeon
  • Outro—M83
  • Midnight City—M83
  • Limelight—Boy In A Band + Cryaotic
  • Lavender Town Remix
  • This Is Felicitas—K-391
  • The Bounds Of The Universe—Ivan Torrent
  • Get Jinxed!
  • Immortals—Fall Out Boy
  • Bonescuffle Remix—DM DOKURO

Music To Aid My Mental Breakdowns

  • In My Head It’s Like Hell—Warmer
  • The Diary of Jane—Breaking Benjamin
  • Breathe Me—Sia
  • TV—Eves The Behavior 
  • Fragments—An Unkindness
  • No Angels—Bastille ft. Ella Eyre
  • Where Butterflies Never Die—Broken Iris
  • Who’s That Girl—Hilary Duff
  • Aggravate—brandonsong
  • So Far—Ólafur Arnalds feat. Arnór Dan
  • Records—Paul Conrad
  • Chop Suey!—System Of A Down

Music To Help Me Cry When I Need To Cry

  • Silent Partner—Ether
  • Don’t You Worry Love—Warmer
  • Mountains—Message To Bears
  • Black Sun—Beyond: Two Souls OST
  • The Scientist—Coldplay
  • Everyone’s Waiting—Missy Higgins
  • Hello—Adele
  • Bittersweet Symphony—The Verve
  • Better Than Me—Hinder
  • Right Where It Belongs—Nine Inch Nails

Music For When I’m A Sex Goddess

  • Apoidea—Roman Remains
  • Closer—Nine Inch Nails
  • Drumming Song—Florence + The Machine
  • Do I Wanna Know?—Arctic Monkeys
  • Ultranumb—Blue Stahli
  • Fomenta—Antonio Castrignanò
  • Führe Mich (Nymphomaniac OST)—Rammstein
  • We Dance To A Different Disco—Short Stack
  • Bones—MsMr
  • Kitty Hawk—Ki:Theory
  • In Your Bed—Ariana & The Rose

Music When I Need Imagination Fuel

  • Attack On Titan OST
  • Toothless Hawkins And His Robot Jazz Band—Varien & Razihel
  • Building The Crate—Chicken Run
  • Right Here Right Now—Fatboy Slim
  • Dogstar—Hybrid
  • Cracks—Freestylers ft. Belle Humble
  • Dark Shadows—T.T.L
  • Paradise—Coldplay
  • Licht und Schatten—Yutaka Yamada
  • Unravel—Tokyo Ghoul OST
  • Diminuendo—Lawless feat. Britt Warner
  • Reborn—Dreamfall Chapters OST
  • Eyes Wide Open—Tony Anderson
  • Spanish Sahara—Foals

Music That Actual Helps Me Chill

  • Waiting For You—Unlike Pluto
  • Carry Me Away—Rootkit
  • 1955—Hilltop Hoods feat. Montaigne & Tom Thum
  • Ixode—Zola Jesus
  • Sucker For Pain—Suicide Squad OST
  • Breathe In—Amarante
  • I Love It—Hilltop Hoods feat. Sia
  • Silent Hill 2 Intro OST
  • Spectrum—Boy In A Band
  • All You Zombies—The Hooters
  • The Pain—Robbie Miller
  • Stressed Out—twenty one pilots
  • Money—Mystery Skulls