Merry New Year!


HAPPY New Year.

Don’t care Kaya.

Dear 2013.

You sucked.

Between your twerking and your ‘Number 1 Song’, which was borderline rapey, what is history going to make of you? So fuck you.

Here are some New Years Resolutions I made for you:

-Give Miley Cyrus a mental breakdown. Or make her recover. But a breakdown would be funnier.

-Fix my Delirium. Please, it’s going to kill me if it doesn’t happen.

-I want inner peace. Or a piece of cake. Which is essentially the same thing.

-Can I finish the prep for my story? Pleaaaaase?

Okay, that’s about it.

Okay…It’s now midnight, and as it turns out, for the first time in my life, someone’s kissed me on New Years Eve.

Wait what? Cat, what is a boy doing in your room late at night? Wait…

Gotta go! Have a wonderful year!