Don’t feel like writing about Delirium. Because that involves remembering and remembering sucks.

…I’ll mention one thing. I dreamt about the time that Daniel and I were taking care of a mechanical infant called Mia. That happened last night, it seems like years ago. And I miss him more than anything now. I never realised how lonely I actually am before…


Anyway. Here are today’s news headlines.

Delamore is a lying manipulative bitch, and there is a legitimate reason for thinking this. I’m not entirely delusional. Anymore. I’ll go into more detail later.

Exams are next week. Tuesday, English at 12:30. Thursday, Maths at 8:30. Friday, Religion at 8:30. And then I’m DONE. And Flash and I are going to go out on Tuesday and get wasted….meaning we’re gonna go on a junk food spree instead of actually doing something productive.

Ball gown is nearly finished. And it looks good. Not on me though, I never like how I look. Shaddup. There’s still the lining to attach and panel to lace with actual lace, but so far, it looks wearable, though it’ll take Brownie to hold me at gunpoint before I’ll convince myself to put it on and wear it to the school ball. Which is something I can see her doing.

That’s another thing. I don’t want to die. Which is good, I think. And a change of pace, considering things.

I’m probably going to go to TAFE instead of uni. Or at least, I’ll go to TAFE first. I’m not taking a WACE pathway, so I can’t get into uni without doing a bridging course first. And apparently TAFE pathways will involve more activities actually related to work. Not that I actually know what I want to do with my life. For homework, I was giving a big book to look through and find things. So that’ll be fun.

Modelling is going okay at the moment. Next photoshoot is Sunday, where I have to be fire. Not allowed to set things on fire though, as it’s fire ban season. Not to mention I physically can’t anymore. Believe me, I’ve tried.

I’ve nearly finished Year 11. Never thought I’d make it this far. Maybe I can keep going until I’m no longer plagued by this illness, which has been with me ever since I was very small. And then I’ll be free.

There’s nothing sweeter in this world than freedom.