The Terror Of Happiness


A while ago, I had to go see a counsellor on a bad day. What’s he told me stuck with me; damaged people tend to sabotage healthy relationships because they’re so unused to what it feels like to be happy. It’s easier for them to remain miserable, because they’ve learnt to trust unhappiness.

I can understand why, though unlike those people, I’ve learnt not to trust what my brain tells me.

Right now, I’m so happy that it hurts, and that scares me, because the idea of losing that small, overpowering piece of happiness feels like it could tear me in two. 

Future Planning with Daniel


First words of 2014 for Cat Madigan were “I DON’T CARE ABOUT F***ING PINCH PUNCH, I AM TRYING TO SLEEP, PISS OFF!”

So. New Years resolutions. Ah….

I’ve got nothing.

Aaaaand now my favourite imaginary friend is here.

“Resolutions. Now.”

“I don’t wanna!”

“Okay…what do you want to accomplish?”

“…I’d like to be able to go out with my friends without certain people popping up!”

“…that was unnecessary.”

“Oh, it was very necessary.”

“New one.”

“…to not fail in math this year.”

“There. That’s a good one.”

“…due to the fact that I keep spacing out in classes.”






“…And now you’ve gone all sulky, because I’m not happy, and you don’t like unhappy Cats.”


So, I’m going to continue this without this asshole.

Okay… Next goal is to attempt to spend a couple of hours a week working on writing. That’s simple. Happy Daniel?

What about cliches? “Be nicer to people“, for example?


Lose ten pounds.

First of all, to me, ten pounds is nearly five kilos. Second, I’m already doing a shit load of exercise, not to mention I’m already food deprived enough, due to the fact there’s no food in my house. Besides, I don’t look too fat, and how am I to focus on maths and my ‘fat’ body at the same time?

Be a Happier Person.

Bite me.

Meet the love of my li-

Whoa whoa whoa, since when did JustGirlyStuff get onto my blog? Get out! *smacks with broom* Get *smack* the *smack* fuck *smack* out!

Okay…all good.

I’ve sworn off relationships for at least high school. Because they won’t last that duration. Between study and other stuff, not to mention certain pesky-


“What? I’m not allowed to abuse you on my blog?”


My point is, I’m too broken to be in a relationship as it is, let alone be in one where our time is completely taken up already.

Not to mention, people in high school are stupid as fudge.

Oh, an important one! I need to learn to sew. Preferably before school starts and I begin sewing. And before you nonexistent readers start laughing at me, technically, I already know how to sew, but it’s been a while, and I need to catch up on all the other stuff.

Okay. I’M DONE. That’s enough resolutions, and chances are, I won’t keep them. One of my friends said he was going to avoid saying innuendos for a whole year as his resolution. Pffffffft.

Mad Cat’s First Review- Thor: The Dark World


Mad Cat has been to the movies today, and since I’m feeling inspired at the moment (plus I haven’t written anything for a while), I’m going to write what I thought of it.

Oh, and yes, there shall be SPOILERS, because unlike professional critics, I spoil stuff. Mostly for myself though, because I am far too curious for my own good. Yes, I’ve heard that saying, curiosity killed the cat, but it’s not like getting a summary of what happens in the next book of A Song Of Ice And Fire is going to kill me.

Anyway, let’s move onto the movie.

Just a beforehand; I have not seen the first Thor movie, nor the Avengers, nor do I know what happens in either. I know! I really should’ve seen them before I saw the sequel of Thor, but I didn’t have any time, and since I was already half in love with Loki/Tom Hiddleston, I figured, ‘Meh, I’ll love it anyway.’

So, with my gang of merry companions, we were off the see the movie! In our gang today, we had MJ, Slenderman, Smith, Papa Willis, Flash, and Papa Willis’ girlfriend Giggles. Also joining us were some people that I have never met before, but the rest of my ‘family’ were well acquainted with. I’m going to name them Pancake, Idris, Tiff, and Bluey. I’ve definitely missed some of them, but hopefully I’ll be able to remember them all next time, (so many naaaaames).

Oh, before I go on, I have to mention something. I’m now in a relationship *girly screaming* with Flash. This has been going on for about a month now, and I really like him. I’ve got no idea why he likes me, but he’s really sweet and he’s still as mad as me. BAHAHAHAHA! No, there’s no one madder than me. But I’ll keep you imaginary readers updated on how this relationship goes.

So now, review time! Yes, time to talk about Thor. Remember, this post is dark, and full of spoilers…(#gameofthronesreference)

So, here’s the summary of the back story, please forget my lack of specific names, I’m an incredibly forgetful Cat.

A race who are called the Dark Elves, but are probably better known by another name (which I cannot remember), who wished to turn the whole universe to darkness, using a power source known as ether. Years ago, in the times of Thor’s grandfather, there was a battle, and the people of Asgard stole the ether away from the Dark elves, forcing the leader and villain of the film, Malekith, played by the insanely awesome Chris Eccleston, to abandon his army, with a select few others. The ether was locked away, instead of being destroyed, which probably would’ve stopped shit from going down in this movie, and also prevented what’s going to happen in the next… But more on that later.

Let’s start with what I liked about the movie. Aka: Let’s talk about Loki.

Along with every other human being on the planet who’s seen the film, I love Loki, and it’s one of those cases where you love the villain more than the hero. In this movie, Loki teamed up with Thor in order to destroy the ether and Malekith, because Thor needs to smuggle his gf away from Asgard, and the only way to do this without getting caught is to use a secret passage that only Loki (of course) knows.

I loved the bromance between Thor and Loki, and I feel that their relationship was portrayed really well in this movie. Thor wants to trust Loki, but because of his actions, he can’t. But he loves his little brother, and about ninety nine percent of the dialogue between the two of them is brotherly banter. Loki seems to have redeemed himself in the end, when he tricks Malekith to bring the ether out into the open so Thor can destroy it, and ends up sacrificing himself to save his brother, much to the dismay of everyone in the theatre.

Of course, there was a reason I said seems. In the end, Thor goes to Odin to tell him of how Loki died honourably, and how he does not wish to take the throne of Asgard. Odin accepts this, and allows Thor to leave. Then, the second Thor leaves, Odin’s form changes into….

Well, I think you can guess.

That’s what I love about Loki, and why I like him more than Thor. Thor’s pretty cool, but his intentions are pretty clear; save the world, protect the realm, and protect Jane Foster. Whereas Loki is all over the place, no one knows why he’s helping Thor until the end of the movie, where it becomes clear that he still wants the throne, and he’s just tricked Thor into giving it to him. He’s willing to do anything to get what he wants, and he’s brilliant enough to turn things to his own advantage in the long term. Thor is far too trusting for my liking, whereas Loki is calculating and witty, though I think Thor would still be a better king than him, because Loki would think of his own good before that of the realm.

I was glad that they showed his relationship with his mother, as it gave him more of a human side to him. When she is killed by Malekith, he’s shown trashing his cell in a fury, as his mother was the only one shown to still care for him when he was in prison. Saying that, he did seem to recover reasonably quickly after Thor releases him, he brushes her death quickly to the side, and he’s still able to spit out witty remarks wherever he goes. Then again, you could say the same for Thor, as he’s still able to go around dealing with the incoming war despite the death of his mother. I guess I wished that there was more emotional impact from her death, on Thor and Loki both. It’s the same with Loki’s ‘death’, as well, it doesn’t seem to faze Thor as much, and I really wish that there was more emotion afterward. It could have been as simple as Thor screaming the Adgardian equivalent of “This is for my mom and little brother, bitch!” when he’s battling Malekith near the end. But it seems like Thor does extremely little mourning throughout the film, and that bothers me a bit. And no one else seems to mind the fact that he’s not mourning his family either, not even his gf Jane Foster, and that also bothers me. If someone I knew had even one family member pass away, I’d ask him if he was alright. Sure, there’s a battle going on, but seriously Jane, it’s one sentence.

While we’re on the topic of Jane, I’m also feeling dissatisfied with her relationship with Thor in the movie. There may have been some connection between them in the first movie which I have not received since I haven’t watched it, but in this movie, I find that the connection between the two of them is very small.

In The Dark World, the two of them have not seen each other for two years, since the events of the Avengers, and from what I gather, what they did see of each other was barely a glimpse, because you know, Loki was destroying everything. There’s a bit at the beginning where they’ve reunited and she slaps him in the face twice, but for the rest of the movie, with the exception of one single kiss, their relationship doesn’t get any screen time, as they’re too busy focusing on the ether and the Dark elves and Malekith.

I guess I don’t really see Jane as an unforgettable character. Actually, I see her more of an older, scientist version of Bella Swan. Now hear me out! They may have had something in the first film, I don’t know. If they did, feel free to correct me in the comments below! Actually, please do correct me, I’m begging you, I don’t want another Bella! But that’s how I felt.

So here’s what I gathered about Bella- I mean Jane. Again, feel free to correct me.

-For two years, she’s been searching for him, probably after meeting him in the events of Thor.

-She’s going on a date with a nice human guy when she ditches him halfway when her intern tells her that there’s sign of ‘you know who’.

-Then she gets pulled into the events of the movie because the ether enters her system when she’s accidentally teleported to its hiding spot.

-Thor finds her after he discovers she’s disappeared from Earth. You know, because he can monitor her from Asgard but he can’t even pop over for a visit.

-He takes her back to Asgard and they discover she has the ether in her, which is what is bringing the Dark Elves to Asgard. So of course, she has to stay.

-And she proceeds to do….

Well, I’m not entirely sure.

Oh, she slaps Loki at one point. And I think she does a whole lot of stuff with the teleportation things which have suddenly appeared around Earth, but that is really all that I could collect. Apart from that, she’s really there because she has the ether inside her, she can tell them stuff about the teleportation/gravity thingymajinkies, and because she means something to Thor, which I cannot really understand because I haven’t seen the first movie. She helps beat Malekith, somehow, but she does very little else. She doesn’t really offer support to Thor, she doesn’t speak out against what Odin’s doing (aka, nothing) and she happily goes along with her warrior god bf who she hasn’t seen for two years, and she doesn’t seem even the slightest bit annoyed about that fact. Speak out a little girl! Give some purpose to your story other than to advance the plot and look pretty in a dress!

In summary, they should’ve given Jane some personality in the film. Again, they might have done this in the first one, I don’t know, but if they did, they should’ve kept that up in the sequel. I mean, Pepper was cool in the Iron Man movies, why can’t Jane?

The last thing I’m going to talk about is the villain of the story, Malekith.

I was super excited when they announced that Chris Eccleston, better known as the Ninth Doctor, was going to be the villain in Thor: The Dark World. And Chris did not disappoint me. The loveable Doctor with the big ears was unrecognisable in Thor. In this film, he’s menacing, and he is firmly set on his goal, nothing will stand in his way to turn the world back to darkness.

I did have a problem with Malekith though. And it was probably caused by a certain someone taking the spotlight. In the shadow of Loki, Malekith becomes almost forgettable, and I’m sad at that, because I thought Malekith had a lot of potential as a villain, and it was a pity that there wasn’t as much focus on him than Loki. And Loki complains that he isn’t loved…

So that’s what I thought about the movie Thor: The Dark World. Now it’s pretty clear from the ending scene and the bonus scenes during and after the credits that there is going to be a third movie. So, I’m going to imagine that the producers of Thor have actually read this and actually give a rats tail for my opinion about what I’d like in the next movie.

So here’s what I want.

-Give Thor PAIN. I feel like there should’ve been more emotion from him during the film, so please remedy that.

-Fix Bel-Jane Foster. Why can’t she have personality? She’s an intelligent scientist in her own right, don’t make her into another Bella Swan, she’s better than that. That guy she was having lunch with in the beginning of the film, set her up with him! Give her some substance and purpose the the plot next time!

-Loki is perfect, everyone agrees on that, but if you’re going to have another villain, give him a chance, don’t let him stay in Loki’s shadow, make him a memorable villain in his own right!

Overall, I enjoyed the movie a lot, there was plenty of comedic relief, thanks to Loki and Darcy, and I feel like the series is going in a good direction, but I did feel unsatisfied with some of the characters, and I hope that the third Thor movie can make them more three dimensional next time. Plot wise, that is.